Even 'Jeopardy!' Is Taking Shots At Taylor Swift Now, And It's Wonderful

“Yes, Alex, I’d like Game Show Burns for $2,000 please.”

*makes Daily Double sound*

“You have a $4,000 lead over Dingus.”

“I’m gonna bet it all.”

*crowd gasps*

“Here is the clue: This long-running game show gloriously and sarcastically burned pop-country superstar Taylor Swift during a March 2013 episode, the same month that T-Swift threw away her fan mail in a dumpster, sentenced America’s sweethearts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to Hell, and wrote a song about meanies, probably.”

“What is…Jeopardy!?”

“Correct. I’d better watch out. Good thing she seems more Sajak’s type.”

Enjoy spending eternity in hell, Trebek

(Huffington Post via Drew Magary)