Jeremy Irons Is Old-Fashioned

08.10.11 8 years ago 8 Comments

In Showtime’s ‘The Borgias,” Jeremy Irons plays the Pope Alexander VI, a horny and corrupt man who ruled the Vatican at the turn of the 16th century. As it turns out, Irons’s views on sexual harassment date from that same time period.

“Most people are robust,” he said. “If a man puts his hand on a woman’s bottom, any woman worth her salt can deal with it. It’s communication. Can’t we be friendly?”

Yeah, what’s with the lawsuit, lady? Wouldn’t it be easier if you just sucked me off instead?

The Oscar winner (Reversal of Fortune) said that there was too much legislation governing such matters. “It’s gone too far,” said the 62-year-old. “There are too many people in power with too little to do, so they churn out laws to justify their jobs. I hope it’s a rash that will wear itself out.” [Radio Times]

Yes, there are too many people in power making laws that endanger the jobs of people in power. But seriously, I support Jeremy Irons 100% here. Every day I wish that more women were okay with me grabbing their ass. And by “day” I mean “hour.” And by “more” I mean “all.”

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