Jerry Ferrara Got Elbowed In The Face

08.22.12 19 Comments


ARI: Jesus. What happened to your face, Turtle? You bust it on some dude’s balls while SUCKING COCK LIKE A TOTAL GAY. Was it Lloyd? LLOYD! Did you bust Turtle’s face with your GAY TESTICLES, you big stupid gay?

LLOYD: No, Ari.

TURTLE: Some guy elbowed me when I was playing basketball. I had to go to the hospital and I missed the big sneaker party slash rap concert.

VINCE: Relax, Turtle. I’ll throw you an even better sneaker rap event. In Vegas. Tonight.

DRAMA: Ah, Vegas. Did I ever tell you guys about the time I had a threesome with both of the girls from Charles in Charge in a bathroom at the MGM Grand? Nicole Eggert was hotter, but the other girl was a tiger.

E: No one’s going to Vegas. We spent the last of our money funding Vince’s new movie, Sergeant Laser: Space Detective.

ARI: Hey, I told you guys that was risky. If you had just done a safe studio movie like Violenceface like I begged you to, you wouldn’t be in this mess.

VINCE: Relax, guys. Everything will work out.

[Everything works out]

[Everyone parties in Vegas]

[Roll credits]

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