Jerry Seinfeld's New Show Looks Completely Insufferable

Jerry Seinfeld has a new web series coming out called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. There’s scant little information about the series, which debuts on July 19th, but the promo (below) for the show suggests that it’s just what the title says: Comedians in cars getting coffee.

So, 30 minutes of Jerry Seinfeld playing “What’s the deal with bad drivers?” Perfect. That’s exactly how I imagine spending my leisure time. I can’t wait to watch Jerry Seinfeld and a bunch of rich, white dudes driving their rich, white dude cars from their rich, white dude houses to their rich, white dude coffee shops while listening to jazz and shooting the sh*t about how great their $200,000 cars are. While they’re at it, maybe they can parade around their hot trophy wives, burn stacks of hundred dollar bills, and kick poor people for sport.

Of course I’m not jealous. WHY WOULD I BE JEALOUS? Here’s the riveting promo:

(Via NYTimes)