Jerry Seinfeld Tells ‘The Greatest Jew Joke’ To A Confused Norm Macdonald

Norm Macdonald Live returned for season three earlier this month, but with all due respect to a very-bearded David Letterman, he didn’t tell the “greatest Jew joke” of all-time. That honor went to Jerry Seinfeld, who hosted Norm on his Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, so it’s only fair for Norm to host Jerry.

The full episode will be out next week, but Macdonald’s YouTube channel released a preview where Norm tells Jerry he’s not going to get the aforementioned “greatest Jew joke” because, well, he’s not Jewish. But Norm’s co-host, Adam Eget, will, because he is (he’s also, as Norm jokes (?) a “Holocaust denier”).

I won’t ruin the punchline — the clip is above — but Jerry was right: Adam cracks up, while Norm looks confused. He’s also confused, or maybe just let down, that O.J. Simpson won’t come on the show. He told the Daily Beast, “I thought I had O.J. and his lawyer said, ‘Oh yeah, O.J. will do it.’ And then he came back and said, are you the Norm Macdonald that was on NBC?” When Norm said yes, he was on SNL, where he told countless Juice jokes, the lawyer responded, “O.J. said you were a little tough.”

Courtney Thorne-Smith feels the same way.

(Via The Daily Beast)