Jerry Seinfeld Has Unlocked The Secret For Creating The Perfect Bucket List

I can’t believe that Jerry Seinfeld is 60 years old. I know time marches on, we’re all going to die, and we need to make the best of it, but 60 is getting up there. It’s weird for a guy that I can see on TV everyday, even though many are older and many are on TV a lot more (looking at you, Trebek).

At least he’s not losing any of his wit and spite along the way. His idea for a bucket list is the best one I’ve ever heard. The worst is and always will be The Bucket List film that Rob Reiner helped to sh*t out.

I think instead of a bucket list, I’d rather just choose my death and make it as awesome as possible. Something like dying while protecting a family from a pack of starving lions or shot into the sun wearing my White Snake t-shirt.

(Via The Late Show)