Jerry Seinfeld And Jon Stewart Made All The Jokes About How Lazy Jerry Is At Television

Editorial Director

Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart are old comedy buddies so Jerry’s stop by The Daily Show last night was slightly less contentious than his previous visit to a Comedy Central set.

The chat starts with a set up for Stewart’s upcoming “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” installment (with bonus pimply animation!) but quickly turns into joke after joke about how much less time and energy Seinfeld has put into television over the years to only have a much greater return on investment. Jon Stewart’s pitch for the evolution of Seinfeld’s web series is especially on point.

If you need me I’ll be setting a calendar reminder for the next “Comedians” episode because I must know where that prom/Gremlin/lye/grandma story goes. Someone’s gets buried in the woods is all I’m saying.

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