Jerry Seinfeld To Howard Stern: ‘If I Wasn’t Angry I Would Be So Bored’

Jerry Seinfeld’s comedy has always managed to be about himself without really revealing anything about himself, and even though in the years since Seinfeld he’s been seemingly, relentlessly shoving “I am comedy, comedy is me” down the world’s throats, I never really understood the full motivation behind projects like “Comedians in Cars” and the like. I mean, the guy has nothing to prove and I imagine regularly trips over stacks of cash (money again! argh!), so what’s the point?

Well, in the below highlight clip from his guest spot on Howard Stern this morning, he delves into the compulsive psychology that drives him and why he’d rather take a bullet to the head than start feeling comfortable, a sensibility honed from a lifetime of stand up. He’s also still got a bit of a chip on his shoulder with NBC for not recognizing his talent earlier, which is equal parts delusional and awesome given the circumstances. Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Brady are equally deserving of your sympathy.

Why Howard Stern does anything except interviews I’ll never understand.

Howard TV via @JimmyTraina