Jerry Seinfeld Wants Us to Know How Rich He Is

Over the last few weeks, Jerry Seinfeld has been leaving hints about a potential new project that he and Larry David, among others, would be working on, going so far as to post “mysterious” photos. Today, we find out what the project is.

A reality show. No, not just any reality show, but a reality show featuring rich, white celebrities showing off their classic cars.

Details are under lock and (car) key, but we’re told the show will feature Seinfeld, a classic car enthusiast with a penchant for Porsches, and pals including Alec Baldwin, Ricky Gervais and Larry David test-driving cars from their past, trading old memories and cracking a few jokes along the way.

Nice. That’s just what we need: Old guys showing off their parking lots full of $100,000 cars with personalized license plates (W-R-RICH) and cracking jokes about the poors. You know, I like the work of all three of those actors, but this idea strikes me as particularly self-indulgent. Do we really want to watch a show about these guys reminiscing about old times in their fancy cars? I don’t care what Jerry Seinfeld did in the backseat of his Love Bug when he was 16. And you just know that Jay Leno will be a part of this, and nothing with Jay Leno involved has ever been a good idea. Ever.

Also, there’s already a “Top Gear.” This would just be pointless and redundant.