02.18.09 10 years ago

“Do you girls take checks?”

TV host and “Dancing with the Stars” alum Jerry Springer is leaving TV behind for a new gig: he’s going to play Billy Flynn in the London production of Chicago.

Springer will take over the role of Billy Flynn in Chicago at the West End’s Cambridge Theatre, with performances beginning June 1 for a six-week season that is scheduled to run to July 11. It was also at the Cambridge Theatre that housed Jerry Springer – the Opera, though Springer didn’t appear onstage himself: That role was played by American actor Michael Brandon…

[Springer] revealed that he has never sung before, “not unless there’s a shower going,” but said, “I’ve seen the play obviously and I’ve seen the movie, and it’s a do-able role. This really is a role that someone who isn’t a professional in the musical business can fit into… I think I can carry a tune, so I’ll give it my best shot.”

Golly, I just love it when companies hire fame over talent!  It makes toiling in obscurity so much more special.  I can barely turn on the TV without saying, “If ONLY there were a way untalented celebrities had more opportunities to prolong their time in the spotlight!  Say, I wonder what’s on VH1?”

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