‘Hey, B*tch’, You Can Buy Jesse Pinkman’s ‘Breaking Bad’ House, ‘No Meth Lab Included’

The news arrives hot on the chemically-laced heels of the Breaking Bad-themed coffee shop in Istanbul, Turkey. Fans of the show looking for a more more significant chunk of memorabilia can consider dropping $1.6 million on the home inhabited by Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman character. You may have to deal with fans gathering on the lawn of this Albuquerque, N.M. bolthole, but it would be worth the nuisance to own a piece of television history.

The house itself is located off Route 66 in the historic Albuquerque Country Club neighborhood. Yes, this is truly the house that Jesse’s ragers nearly destroyed, but a fresh paint job (and more) has restored the home to its rightful, law-abiding condition. The home’s listing description does specify “no meth lab included,” but there are other perks involved. The Spanish Colonial revival structure is fully restored with 3,500 square feet and four bedrooms.

You can check out photos of the home (and a floor map), and here’s a video from Breaking Bad‘s Director of Photography, Michael Slovis. He explains how the home’s decor and style jibes with the Jesse character.

(Via Mashable)