The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Might Answer The Question Fans Ask Aaron Paul The Most

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11.09.18 4 Comments


In the days before the Breaking Bad movie news broke, Aaron Paul gave an interview about — you guessed it — his new movie with Emily Ratajkowski. Also, Breaking Bad, and whether he would ever play Jesse Pinkman again. Again, the world hadn’t learned of the existence of a movie set in the Breaking Bad universe yet (which Bryan Cranston later confirmed), so it’s funny reading his quotes now, and wondering how much he actually knows.

“I’d like to think it may be kind of easy and seamless to jump back into that guy because we live and breathe all of our characters that we play, and I played this guy for seven years,” Paul said. “I really know him. It’d be fun to put back on those shoes… Pinkman was just such a huge part — or is such a huge part of my career.” The future Westworld star and voice actor for the funniest show on television also revealed the questions he gets most from Breaking Bad fans.

1. “What happened to Jesse?”
2. “When’s the next season of Breaking Bad coming out?”

At least he finally has answers: “Jesse’s on a ‘quest for freedom,’ and there’s no new season, but there’s a movie. Now let me eat my Funyuns in peace… bitch.” (Please don’t use that word around him in person, though. If you do, he’ll reply, “My name is Aaron, really nice to meet you. It’s not Jesse. No, you can’t call me a bitch.”) For more on the Breaking Bad movie, head here.

(Via The Wrap)

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