Jessica Chastain Thinks Sansa Stark Will Wind Up Winning ‘Game Of Thrones’


A couple weeks ago, multi-Oscar-nominee Jessica Chastain had some sharp criticisms for Game of Thrones, specifically how it handled Sansa Stark’s history of sexual abuse. It was perhaps a touch awkward, as Chastain stars alongside Sansa herself, Sophie Turner, in the forthcoming X-Men romp Dark Phoenix.

It seems it’s not that awkward. On Sunday, Chastain tweeted a video of the two actresses at what looks like the Dark Phoenix junket, walking between appointments through a hotel’s catacombs, openly and excitedly talking Game of Thrones, gossiping and even trash-talking such characters as Daenerys, Jon Snow, Tyrion, and, yes, Sansa. Because the esteemed thespian Chastain is not above watching and thinking way too much about Game of Thrones.

“You better be on the Iron Throne, or I am going to be pissed,” Chastain tells her co-star in the video, acting as though Turner was the elder Stark daughter. She then laid out her theory on what will happen in the show’s final-ever episode — during which, sadly, she’ll be traveling.

Below the video, Chastain wrote out theory on what will happen, which we’ll reproduce below:

My theory:
Sansa ends up on the Iron Throne
Arya becomes the hand of the Queen
Daenerys kills Jon Snow
Arya kills Daenerys
Tyrion continues to [poop emoji] the bed
And I miss all of it because I’m traveling

Again, and sadly, most of us will know if she’s right before she does.

But at least she got some support in her prophesizing.