‘Jessica Jones’ Will Have Only Female Directors In Season Two

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10.22.16 8 Comments

After the first season of Jessica Jones did so much to empower women, the creators of the show will be taking the next step in that process in the second season. According to New York Mag and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, season two of the Netflix show will only feature female directors. After a season of dealing with sexual assault, PTSD, and the nuances of female friendship, it will be interesting to see how the perspective of women behind the camera will drive the narrative.

As the film and television landscape remains predominately white and male, Marvel really has been taking great strides to add some diversity to their catalog that was once dominated by brawny white dudes named Chris (not that we don’t love them). With the inclusion of many people of color in the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as the stories being told in Luke Cage and Black Panther, Marvel is finally catching on to the diversity of their audience. Jessica Jones and Captain Marvel will bring women to the forefront of storytelling, offering up yet another type of narrative to be told. As much as we root for Captain America and Iron Man, it’s good to know that a broader spectrum will be represented.

(Via New York Mag)

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