These Photos Of Jessica Paré In Esquire Will Make You Wish 'Mad Men' Was On NOW

I tried to think of something profound to say about these photos of Mad Men star Jessica Paré in Esquire, that if you looked hard enough, you’d see a clue which leads to a website which leads to a phone number which leads to a street address which leads to a taxi which leads to a taxi driver taking you to the outskirts of town which leads to Matthew Weiner’s limo driver which leads to Matthew Weiner’s mansion which leads to Matthew Weiner showing you all 14 episodes of the final season of Mad Men which leads to proof that all of your crazy theories are accurate which leads to you becoming BFFs with Jon Hamm.

But no, it’s actually just an excuse to look at pictures of Jessica Paré. Zou Bisou Bisou!

See more photos here.

Photos by Zoey Grossman for Esquire