Jim and Pam Reunited On Social Media, Sending ‘Office’ Fans’ Hearts Aflutter

A part of what made The Office just so special was the sprawling, sometimes subtle, other times saccharine love affair between Jim and Pam. In fact, the Jim and Pam romance was literally the entire point of the show for the first few seasons, much like it was in the UK version of The Office (mind you, that was Tim and Dawn). There could be an argument made that the show struggled after they got together and the main focused needed to be shifted elsewhere. The same argument could be made that after the departure of Michael Scott that the show lost its identity altogether, but that’s for another day.

The romance between John Krasinski’s Jim and Jenna Fischer’s Pam is one that helped to define a generation of television. While the ’90s were rife with television romances, the ’00s had Jim and Pam. So, here we are, three years removed from The Office and it’s difficult not to reflect on just how great of a show it was and how big of a deal their romance was. What better reminder than to see a photo of two together again? That’s exactly what we got when Jenna Fischer showed up at a performance of John Krasinski’s off-Broadway play, Dry Powder, BuzzFeed reports.

While fans can only dream of a world where these two got together in real life, they are both happily married and very much have lives and careers that exist outside of a fictional Scranton paper company. Still, they really are cute, and somehow we haven’t gotten enough of these two being adorable together.

(Via BuzzFeed)