Jim Carrey Flipping Burgers With Fake Arms Is Funnier Than The ‘Dumb And Dumber To’ Trailer

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06.11.14 6 Comments

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels stopped by The Tonight Show last night, with the big headline being the unveiling of the Dumb and Dumber To trailer. But the duo was also game to horse around a bit, with Fallon pulling out his long-running “Real People, Fake Arms” improv gag just for the occasion.

For the uninitiated, the bit consists of Fallon mentioning that he used to star on a Canadian soap opera called Jacob’s Patience with his guest(s). The parties then improv their way through explaining why no one on the show used their real arms. The scene is then set for a live action “clip” — in which fake arm mayhem ensues. And mayhem is where Jim Carrey — even after all these years — thrives, with his incredible energy topped only by his complete inability to refrain from hamming it up.

So this bit is gold, bringing out vintage Carrey. If you were disappointed by the trailer, consider this your chaser.

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