Jim Carrey Will Return To His Sketch-Comedy Roots To Play Joe Biden On ‘SNL’

Twenty-six years after leaving In Living Color to become one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Jim Carrey is returning to his sketch-comedy roots. He will appear on SNL next season, the show’s 46th, to play Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“Jim Carrey is going to do Biden,” creator Lorne Michaels told Vulture. “There was some interest on his part. And then we responded, obviously, positively. But it came down to discussions about what the take was. He and Colin Jost had a bunch of talks. He and I as well. He will give the part energy and strength, and… Hopefully it’s funny.” Hopefully! Carrey previously hosted in 1996, 2011, and 2014 after auditioning for the show in 1980; he was not selected (Charlie Rocket was), but his rubber-faced audition tape is online.

It’s disappointing that Michaels don’t trust any of the show’s actual cast members to play Donald Trump or Biden (he confirmed Alec Baldwin will be back as Trump, along with Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris), but Jim Carrey is in the funniest scene in movie history, so I’m not too upset.

SNL also announced that Andrew Dismukes, Lauren Holt, and Punkie Johnson have joined the cast. You can view some of their work below.

(Via Vulture)