Jim Gaffigan Has Shared The Lessons He Learned From Getting Mad Online About Trump

Many people’s first f-bomb during the Trump administration (as in: “What the f*ck is going on?”) happened on ‎January 20, 2017, the day the “ullu officially became president. It took a few years for Jim Gaffigan to get there, but it happened last week, when the normally clean-cut comedian expressed his frustration on Twitter.

“I don’t give a f*ck if anyone thinks this is virtue signaling or whatever. We need to wake up. We need to call trump the con man and thief that he is,” he wrote in one tweet, and in another, “Remember everything Trump accuses the Democrats of he’s guilt of. Don’t let the socialist name calling distract you from the fact he is a fascist who has no belief in law.” Gaffigan won’t apologize for his Twitter rant, and over the weekend on Facebook, he explained why he decided to finally (to quote the meme) join the resistance.

“So if I believe I won’t sway any voters, why speak out like I did? Honestly, I feel I had no choice at this point. I think Trump is ruining and possibly has already ruined my country,” Gaffigan wrote. “I feel a responsibility to coming generations, my children but selfishly I didn’t want to explain to my grandchildren that I didn’t fight to stop Trump. Maybe they will see that I stood up for decency, rule of law, and equality. That’s way more important to me than selling out an arena.” He then shared the things he’s learned since last week, including Getting Mad Online is “liberating,” bots are a nuisance (“Was it a Russian bot? A Trump bot? Is Trump a bot?”), GOP talking points are effective, and “it’s about Trump.”

It doesn’t matter that Trump and his folks are breaking laws, trying to kill Obamacare, pre-existing conditions or that his handling of the pandemic was disastrous, to Trump voters he is THEIR guy. More importantly he’s “THEIR president” and disagreeing with them is a personal insult. For many Trump voters this isn’t about any other issue except Trump himself. To me that is not only weird but kind of scary.

Gaffigan ended his post with a request to everyone who’s still undecided between Trump and Biden (those people exist, somehow). “I encourage you to vote not for who I want you to vote for but for who your grandchildren would be proud you fucking voted for,” he wrote. You can read the whole thing here.

(Via Facebook)

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