Jim Gaffigan Pretty Much Did A Full Fat Dad Stand Up Set On ‘Fallon’ Last Night

Editorial Director
04.24.14 12 Comments

If you’re a Jim Gaffigan fan you have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to get here. Jim and Jimmy appear to have a mutual understanding that Fallon isn’t the best interviewer so why not just let Gaffigan do what he does best: be simultaneously funny and self-deprecating about his weight, his kids, and his weight & his kids to promote his special on Comedy Central this weekend.

Gaffigan’s ability to seemingly only cover approximately three topics yet always keep it fresh and good never ceases to impress me. Maybe it’s the comedy magic that is self-deprecation, or maybe it’s that he manages to work in some slightly edgier stuff — like the wheelchair line and the Mount Rushmore joke at the end of this first clip — in between “Babies are the worst roommates” bits.

I beg of everyone to take note of his advice that begins around the 1:30 mark. Approximately 50% of the population needs a regular reminder that they’re the worst and everybody hates them.

And no, I don’t know why The Tonight Show only has a bunch of Cameron Diaz videos and none of this on their YouTube page.

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