Ranking Jim Halpert’s Most Expensive Pranks

01.25.17 2 years ago


When it comes to torturing your co-worker (or co-workers) with a morale-shrinking prank, the key expenditures are time and just a little bit of your black soul, but if you truly subscribe to the notion of “go big or go home,” then you may have to reach into your wallet as well.

For nine seasons on The Office, Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) repeatedly pulled one over on his irritating co-worker, Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson). But while the cost of a packet of jello or some (non-magic) beans could be covered by the change in your cup holder, hiring actors or renting heavy equipment demand a bit more money and also, respect. So, here’s a look at six of the most ambitious and expensive pranks pulled by Jim, ranked in order of which would cost the most replicate in real life.

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The Prank
: Jim takes Dwight’s beloved tchotchkes and puts them in the vending machine, theoretically making his treasures accessible to others for the same rock bottom price as a moldy bagged danish.

Breakdown: It’s hard to put a price on this. The act wouldn’t cost a thing but you’d probably have to grease the guy with the vending machine keys to get access and that could be pricey. Let’s guesstimate that it costs $50 for the guy to look the other way.

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