Jim Jefferies Earned His Own Anti-Holiday In Reno, Nevada After Saying North Korea Should Nuke Them

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09.15.17 2 Comments

Jim Jefferies usually doesn’t hesitate to say what is on his mind, be it during a chat with Bill Burr or while discussing the ongoing gun debate in the United States. While he seems to have a slight change of attitude on that second subject during his appearance on Conan from Thursday, he also discusses how his mouth earned him an entire anti-day in Reno, Nevada.


Anti-Jim Jefferies Day was declared by the Mayor Hillary Schieve of Reno for September 9th, all due to the silly passing comment from The Jim Jefferies Show where he said Kim Jong-un should nuke Reno instead of Los Angeles if he’s ever going to do such a thing. The people in Reno did not appreciate it at the time, but have since made nice. Jefferies tells Conan that he mentioned Reno because he was going there to perform and Mayor Schieve actually ended up joining Jefferies on stage at his show to present him the certificate and declare the “holiday.” The proclamation contains the following according to the Reno Gazette-Journal:

“WHEREAS, when Australian comic, Jim Jefferies, urged Kim Jong-Un to nuke the Biggest Little City, it was, coincidentally what Mr. Jeffries did the last time he performed in Reno; and
“WHEREAS, apparently Jim Jefferies is so desperate for new material that he steals jokes from Amy Schumer who is accused of stealing jokes from Daniel Tosh, it’s like the movie Inception, sad and unfunny; and
“WHEREAS, Reno’s feelings have been hurt but not nearly as bad as if the insults had been thrown by an actual funny comedian; and
“WHEREAS, Mr. Jeffries also commented on the attractiveness of Reno’s women and I can assure you we do have many bombshells here in the Biggest Little City; and
“WHEREAS, we here in Reno are a strong breed, battle born, and we say ‘BRING IT ON’ I mean really, we already survived your last bombing here; and
“WHEREAS, Mr. Jefferies press team even went so far to beg the City of Reno for a key to the City, but we wouldn’t even grant him so much as a room key.
“NOW, THEREFORE, I, Hillary Schieve, Mayor of the City of Reno, Nevada, do hereby proclaim
“In and for the City of Reno, Nevada, and here’s to hoping you bomb again tonight in the Biggest Little City in the World.”

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