Don’t Have A Fart Attack, But Jim O’Heir From ‘Parks And Recreation’ Won A Daytime Emmy Award

Two years have passed since the series finale of Parks and Recreation aired on NBC. Amy Poehler has gone on to produce fantastic shows like Difficult People and Broad City, co-creator Mike Schur’s The Good Place is attaining critical praise, and Chris Pratt lost enough weight to equal another Andy Dwyer to become an action star. In other words, the show’s cast and crew have gone on to do fantastic things at places as varied as Netflix, FX and the movies — including office punching bag Jim O’Heir, who just won a Daytime Emmy Award for his work as half of a talkative married couple aboard an international flight on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Yes, that’s right. Jerry, the man of a dozen names and former occupations who eventually became the Mayor of Pawnee, Indiana, has moved on to better things. Like winning the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series for his work on the CBS soap opera. Soon after nabbing the statue, O’Heir tweeted, “I won the f’ing Emmy! What????? Amazing!!!!”

Not that the man formerly known as Garry, Jerry, Larry, Lenny, Terry, Barry and Gerry didn’t have it in him, as O’Heir — despite becoming Parks and Rec‘s favorite subject of ridicule — often excelled on the show and elsewhere. From making out with Aubrey Plaza on Late Night with Seth Meyers to nailing his Rob Ford impression on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he is a national treasure. Besides, who else in the upper echelon of acting could pull off a convincing “fart attack”?

(Via Vanity Fair)