Jim O’Heir Of ‘Parks And Recreation’ Gives A Delightful Interview About Bloody Puppets And Chris Pratt

Parks And Rec‘s whipping boy, possible sleeper agent, and friend of UPROXX Jim O’Heir (Jerry!) sat dawn with Paul F. Tompkins for an excellent episode of Speakeasy. He talks about the stage show he was doing in Chicago that first brought him to Los Angeles: “There was blood and puppets and this big vagina that at the end just — as they do — killed everybody.”

If that isn’t intriguing enough to interest you in the video (What more do you want?!), he also talks about how happy he was to lose Star Search under questionable circumstances, playing “the anti-Jerry” in the upcoming The Middleman, and how Chris Pratt just “kills kills kills” as the only one who can always make Nick Offerman lose it during a scene (but we already knew that).