Jiminy Glick And A Very Giggly Ricky Gervais Trade Barbs On ‘Maya & Marty’

It was Jiminy Glick vs. the giggly Brit on last night’s episode of Maya & Marty. Noted T-shirt enthusiast Ricky Gervais was the latest celebrity to go toe-to-toe with Martin Short’s blowhard celebrity interviewer and couldn’t contain his delight for the volley of insults lobbed his way.

Glick started things off in gleefully obnoxious fashion as he sorted out that he was not interviewing the other Office boss Steve Carrell. A naturally abrasive circle of a character, Glick had no problem questioning Gervais’ accent, wondering why someone would mock Mel Gibson and boasting that his weight loss is through banging the widow of the Atkins empire. He also cranked out an assembly line of insults in the David Brent: Life On The Road comedian’s direction.

“You look like David Beckham if he had a glandular issue,” observed Glick midway through their chat. Gervais had his own barbs in the sit-down (he likened his interviewer to deceased giant egg Humpty Dumpty), but the bulk of the roasting came from Short’s entertainment journalism grotesque. One wonders how Jerry Seinfeld will deal with such treatment when he makes an appearance on Maya & Marty. You can give the Glick/Gervais summit a watch (in extended version form) by hitting play on the convenient lil’ rectangle we have at the top of the post.