Jimmy Fallon And Fred Armisen Pretended To Be In A Bunch Of Fake Bands And Fred Challenged Questlove To A Drum-Off

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01.03.13 4 Comments

While every other late night show was either in re-run or should have been (the world demands more Kathy Griffin screen time!) Fred Armisen swung by Late Night and got improv-y with Jimmy before finding himself in drum-off with Questlove. Loser plays the triangle for a month.

Introducing a new take on the fake movie posters game that I somehow unforgivably missed the latest Paul Rudd installment of, Jimmy transitioned to fake album covers for fake bands with Fred Armisen and hilarity did indeed ensue, along with awkward singing. As you may have guessed from the lead image, each musical venture attempted to overcome the lack of symmetry between their faces but it proved too difficult. At least that’s my theory. The rest of the album covers after the videos below.

It’s a drum-off!

None of these are “Songs for Lisa” but pretty good nonetheless.

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