Jane Fonda And Jimmy Fallon Went Toe-To-Toe In A ‘Giant Beer Pong’ Challenge

If you’re going to pop by The Tonight Show, you need to be mentally steeled for some good ol’ fashioned celebrity horseplay. Most likely with a bit of booze involved and gamesmanship is always welcome. Jane Fonda understands this dynamic and that’s how network television can present such surreal sights as a Fonda vs. Fallon “Giant Beer Pong” showdown.

“Giant Beer Pong” is essentially the same as regular beer pong. The equipment is a smidge larger, the players are stars and a dude named Chad hasn’t thown up all over anyone’s dehumidifier, but aside from that the game is generally the same. Fonda and Jimmy Fallon toss balls, drink brews and generate noises ranging from frustration to delight from the crowd. The late night host (and seasoned drinking game vet) gets out to an early lead, but Fonda has the tenacity for a comeback. Clutch your red Solo cup and place your bets on who will come out victorious. Jane Fonda deserves roughly 20 points off the hop for wearing some amazing pants, but beer pong federations rarely hand out pant-based points.

Elsewhere in Fonda news, season 2 of the AFI Life Achievement Award winner’s Netflix series Frankie & Grace debuted its second season last night. Gosh, it’s almost as if Fonda was on The Tonight Show to promote her dramedy and not for the exclusive purpose of being discovered by a beer pong league.