Jimmy Fallon And Lionel Richie’s Head Remade The Sculpture Scenes From The Classic ‘Hello’

While Lionel Richie scored a No. 1 hit with 1984’s “Hello,” its music video is what tends to stick out in pop culture lore. This is mostly due to the scenes of Richie’s blind student showing off the sculpture of his head, with a “look” that was so memorable, it was ripe for Jimmy Fallon to parody in 2015.

Fallon even managed to get Richie into the parody, as it would be a great way to promote the singer’s Las Vegas residency and it adds a bit of creepy legitimacy to the entire thing. Once you get a laugh from Fallon’s clip, feel free to watch the original video and ponder how the student got Richie’s visage just right, or why everybody was perfectly fine with a teacher stalking his student. That seems like it should be an issue on a lot levels and everybody is just letting it happen.

I guess that when you go and make a silly sculpture out of Play-Doh, people just let things happen. And then late night TV hosts will parody this when they need content for a Friday night. Blame it on all the passion. The hot, blind passion.

(Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)