Jimmy Fallon Challenged The Avengers To A Game Of Musical Beers And Things Got Gross At The End

Is it time to crown Jimmy Fallon as late night’s undisputed drinking-weight champion? (It’s not an actual title, so don’t feel obligated to answer that.) The Tonight Show host hasn’t been shy about going toe-to-toe with celebs in boozy battles and his latest one featured a gaggle of Marvel big screen stars trying to outguzzle the Peacock Network star. Deviousness was also involved.

Last night’s edition of Tonight had Fallon take on Captain America: Civil War stars Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany and Sebastian Stan in a game of “Musical Beers.” (It’s almost as if those guys have a movie to promote or something.) Musical Beers is a bit like Musical Chairs, but with the furniture subbed out for red cups of beer. If you want to be the last person remaining, you’ll have to get to your beer on time and knock it back. Essentially, there’s less falling down than the kids version, but an increased chance of barfing on Questlove.

As the video we have nestled above shows, it was a competitive outing for Fallon and his guests. Adding to the madness was the enforcement of rules that paid off in later grosser ways. Sebastian Stan drank from his cup too early and was required to spit his brew back into the container. Naturally, the Stan-flavored beverage would wind up being chugged down later. Considering the swooning that pockets of the internet do over this dreamboat, there’s a strong chance jealousy may be your reaction instead of being grossed out by backwash beer.

Who will emerge victorious? Hit play on the video and gamble responsibly.