Jimmy Fallon Put His ‘Mario Kart 8’ Driving Skills To The Test Against NASCAR All-Stars

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11.19.16 4 Comments

Jimmy Fallon has a weakness for games. The dude is head over heels in love with silly challenges and viewers flock to see what he can coax attractive millionaires into doing on network television. (So far? Pretty much everything.) Games are also where the Tonight Show host’s competitive side comes out to play. He might go easy on his guests or he might aim for ruthlessness. He’s an enigma, that Jimmy.

The latest challenge facing Fallon and famous folk is a battle inside the merciless blood-splattered arena of Mario Kart 8. (We might be overselling the danger a bit.) The host’s opponents? A combo of NASCAR megastars like Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, and Joey Logano have all answered the call to showcase their Nintendo driving skills. Using the time-honored tradition of “I dunno, like you play me and then some other tournament stuff,” Fallon merrily taunts the field and establishes himself as the athlete to beat.

“How do you have this much time in your life to be good at Mario Kart. Do you have tattoos and stuff?” wondered Edwards aloud.

We’ll keep a healthy distance from any spoilers in case ex-SNL vs NASCAR duels meet your gambling needs. Hit play and be whisked away by warm video game feelings.

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