Jimmy Fallon Shares His Favorite #MyRoommateIsWeird Tweets

Jimmy Fallon had his viewers reveal the idiosyncrasies of their weirdest roommates with #MyRoommateIsWeird tweets, because these are always fun. I think if you’ve managed to get through life without having at least one super weird roommate, then congratulations, you’re an anomaly — but otherwise I feel like this is a topic that almost everyone can relate to.

Personally, my weirdest roommate was during my first semester, freshman year of college when I got nailed with an overweight blind redneck from West Virginia who had spent her entire pre-college life in institutions for the blind and had no personal hygiene skills to speak of. She was like something out of the X-Files “Home” episode, only with the added bonus of also being blind. The smell was ungodly, and suffice to say I was not very popular my first semester of college. Perhaps I’ll save that one if Fallon ever does a #MyRoommateIsHorrifying hashtag.

It’s Friday so what the heck. Please feel free to share your own weird roommate stories in the comments.