David Blaine’s Magic Gave Jimmy Fallon The Giggles On ‘Tonight’

Jimmy Fallon is a cheery, giggly talk show dad. That’s sort of his deal and millions tune in nightly for the SNL alum‘s unbridled enthusiasm for getting celebrities to do silly things and whatever else tickles his somewhat ticklish fancy.

On Friday’s edition of The Tonight Show, Fallon, The Roots and illusionist David Blaine all had a televised powerhang. (On purpose. Not in a local news “Problem Solvers” exposé sorta way.) Blaine, who has chosen a career centered around not dying and not making a single mistake, showcased his knack for card tr–, er, card illusions on the program to the overflowing delight of Fallon. Dude’s like a kid that woke up with every video game console under the tree, plus a Mogwai. That’s how giddy the NBC personality gets as the events unfold.

It would be a bit rude to give away what goes down in the segment, so we’ll just provide a gentle nudge to check out how the appearance unfolds. Blaine is currently in promo mode for his upcoming ABC special David Blaine: Beyond Magic. As has become standard with the bulk of Blaine specials, this particular go-around has a loaded collection of guests. Emma Stone, Drake, David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Steph Curry, Dave Chappelle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta, Patrick Stewart and other stars have been tapped to run screaming from magical forces on the program which airs November 15.