Tina Fey And Jimmy Fallon Are Undecided Women Voters On ‘Weekend Update’

The duo of Fey & Fallon aligned forces at the Weekend Update desk for the first time in a long time last night. Yes, Jimmy Fallon couldn’t make it through the bit without cracking up. Did you even have to ask?

Styled in only the finest of Philly formal wear, Fey and Fallon played undecided women voters chatting with Colin Jost about their thoughts on the election as undecided women voters in swing state. Armed with hoagies, Denise and Doreene laid out their feelings on the presidential options before them. In addition to getting in gratuitous (but welcome!) Hooters shout-outs, there was a sly acknowledgement of Donald Trump’s controversial Tonight Show appearance.

“You love Trump,” insisted Fey’s maximum PA character. “You’re always like, ‘Oh his hair’s real, ya know.’”

Of course, Fallon’s approach to interviewing divisive presidential candidates wasn’t the only thing lampooned in this guest appearance. Mike Pence did not get a glowing review from the Keystone State swing voters.

“He seems normal because he’s next to Trump, he’s really Biff from Back to the Future,” explained Fey.

It’s always nice to have Tina Fey back on Weekend Update, eh? Give the segment a gander for yourself by hitting play on the magic rectangle at the top of the page. You may want to keep notes on the unique places Fallon’s accent manages to go.