Jimmy Kimmel Went Through Kanye’s Twitter Assault On Him One Tweet At A Time In His Monologue Last Night

As the entire internet is aware by now, Kanye West unleashed a Twitter character assault on Jimmy Kimmel yesterday in response to a Kanye “Kid Re-Kreation” parody Kimmel aired earlier in the week.

Kimmel playfully acknowledged Kanye’s series of nonsensical 140 characters or less on Twitter not long after yesterday, but waited until his monologue (or maybe the monologue was taped before his tweets?) to full-on address the whole thing. And by “address the whole thing” I mean detail to his audience ever weird aspect of his earlier phone conversation with Kanye and then go through Kanye’s tweets one by one to subtly undermine them. The “good p**sy” tweet was practically begging for it…

Yeah, I’m getting the feeling this isn’t over.