Jimmy Kimmel Asks Random People To Narrate Adult Movies For The Blind

While the Americans with Disabilities Act is doing great things around the nation to help people without the ability to see live an easier and more effective life, there are plenty of outside-the-box ways the blind can be lent a helping hand. For example, the Blind Service Association will help pair volunteers who would like to read to the blind with nearby and willing disabled people, and MAB will partner the blind with volunteers that describe movies as the audio envelops the blind person’s senses.

The one thing missing from blind people’s lives is the ability to watch and enjoy porn. Thankfully, Pornhub is to the rescue, providing the seeing impaired with 50 movies that have the on-screen action narrated.

Since Pornhub’s narration is a little clinical, Jimmy Kimmel decided to pull random people off the street and into a recording booth where they would do the good deed of narrating adult films for the blind. It was interesting, to say the least, and makes you appreciate the nuance and minutia the professional narrator brings to the table.

These narrators, you see, are using certain descriptives as pejoratives, get hung up describing the foreground and scenery in general, and seem to be confused about certain goings-on at times. However, whole new narratives emerge when certain narrators focus on the dangers of doing it on a gas stove, so there’s that.