Jimmy Kimmel Asked These Kids If They Love Their Mom Or Dad More

Jimmy Kimmel added to his legacy of needlessly tormenting children with a very special Mother’s Day segment: “Who Do You Love More… Mom or Dad?”

Most of the kids answer very quickly, the overwhelming answer being mom, but some of the older kids know this question is a big old trap and answer “both.” Unsatisfied with the answer, Kimmel’s team gets creative and a bit sadistic by asking them about which parent’s life they would save in a variety of panicky and Looney Tunes-inspired situations.

Just imagine, there will eventually be a whole generation of children who have been personally victimized by Jimmy Kimmel, whether it be getting terrible Christmas gifts, his annual Halloween candy prank, or the ugliest back-to-school outfit challenge. Now he gets to add this pint-sized Sophie’s Choice to his resume. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!