Jimmy Kimmel Can’t Believe Trump Is Under Criminal Investigation But Still Only Wants To Whine About Losing The Election

Reality TV host-turned-failed president of the United States Donald Trump has officially been informed by the New York Attorney General’s office that the Trump Organization is under investigation for all sorts of shady dealings, and that the probe “into the organization is no longer purely civil in nature. We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity.” So, as Jimmy Kimmel shared during his Wednesday night opening monologue, the former POTUS did what any totally innocent and law-abiding former president would do: he did an interview with OAN—his favorite far-right, totally bonkers “news” network—to peddle false claims about a rigged election.

After noting that “there’s no greater divide between anyone’s future than Donald Trump. In 2025 he could either be president again, or trading cigarettes for face bronzer,” Kimmel shared part of Trump’s sit-down. What did #45 want to talk about?

“There was an expression that I’ve heard that you’ve heard for many years: ‘The vote counter is far more important than the politician or the person running for office.’ And that was the case in this instance for the presidential election. Very sad that this could happen. It was a third-world election.”

First: Is that really an expression that we’ve all heard?

More importantly: Please note the MyPillow promo scrolling at the bottom of the screen!


When the interviewer stroked Trump’s ego by nodding her head and saying that it looks like a lot of that could be uncovered soon, Florida’s ultimate Florida Man said, “It’s being uncovered now. And it would be nice if the papers would report it. But they don’t want to do that.”

Poor Trump. Always the victim.

Kimmel, who accurately described the reporter’s demeanor as being “like a nurse at a mental institution,” summed up the story by wryly noting that:

“All this nonsense—all this division and anger and mistrust—it’s all because one guy’s ego is so out-of-control, he can’t deal with the fact that he lost an election. Trump did that interview with OAN because even Fox and Newsmax are scared to keep going down this election fraud road. Fox News right now is asking a court to dismiss a $1.6 billion that was filed against them by Dominion Voting Systems. They claim they were just reporting the news; they say they were ‘covering both sides of this vigorous election dispute.’ That’s their quote.”

You can watch the full clip above.