Jimmy Kimmel Is Not Impressed By Donald Trump’s Latest Grift: Selling Wrapping Paper

Donald Trump has sold and/or endorsed a number of seemingly odd products in his time. Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Ice bottled water, Trump mattresses, Trump coffee, and Success by Trump cologne (which may or may not have smelled of Diet Coke, McDonald’s burgers, and old man farts) are just a few of them. And on Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel announced the former president’s newest branded product: Trump wrapping paper!

That’s right, the man who demands that everyone say “Merry Christmas,” regardless of whether or not you celebrate the day, is getting into the holiday spirit early by hawking wrapping paper.

“Chunk E. Cheese sent this email to supporters today saying:


President Trump asked us to personally reach out to you because he wants to make sure you get our NEW Trump gift wrapping paper in time for Christmas.

He requested that we give PRIORITY ACCESS to a small group of his BEST SUPPORTERS, like YOU.

We haven’t released this to the general public yet—just like his taxes—so for today ONLY you can get our iconic Trump Gift Wrapping Paper before ANYONE ELSE. Please donate $35 or more IMMEDIATELY to claim your Trump Gift Wrapping Paper.”

Donald Trump Wrapping Paper Email




Kimmel then shared just what that $35 or more would get you:

Donald Trump Wrapping Paper

“What an incredible privilege to spend $20 extra on wrapping paper. Of course he has wrapping paper. His specialty is covering things up. He should do nothing but sell wrapping paper!”

You can watch the full clip above, starting around the 6:30 mark.