Jimmy Kimmel Offers Donald Trump The Perfect Method For Selecting A Vice President

Speculation about who Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would pick as his running mate has been ongoing for months. Now that the New York real estate mogul’s victory in Indiana has all but assured his being the party nominee, however, said speculation has increased. After all, both Ted Cruz and John Kasich have suspended their campaigns, so why wouldn’t Trump already be considering who his right-hand man (or woman) should be? At least that’s what late show host Jimmy Kimmel thinks, which is why he and the Jimmy Kimmel Live team developed a foolproof plan for the Donald’s consideration.

Titled Vice President Island, the new reality television show would essentially combine the best things (if any) from Trump’s own The Apprentice on NBC and Survivor on CBS. Instead of trying to survive on a remote island in the South Pacific or avoiding the displeasing glare of a business executive, Vice President Island would pit “20 amazing Trump supporters in battle for the ultimate prize, the second highest office in America.”

So who would be among the “20 amazing Trump supporters” chosen for the Donald’s consideration? Charlie Sheen is an obvious choice, especially because the actor threw his hat into the VP ring last August. Don’t forget ex-wrestler Hulk Hogan, who not only offered himself as Trump’s pick, but also defeated the evil media during his very public court case against Gawker. Aside from these, Kimmel’s ad rounds up the usual celebrity suspects — Dennis Rodman, Ted Nugent, flat Earth truther Tila Tequila, and many more

Throw in Scott Baio and Dilbert creator Scott Adams and Vice President Island just might help Trump fill out his cabinet, too.