Jimmy Kimmel Responds To Fox And Friends’ Claims That He’s A ‘Puppet’ On Healthcare With A Reminder About His Son

Jimmy Kimmel didn’t focus too much time on the NFL protests from Sunday because he was a little busy over the weekend. Not only did he have a charity appearance or two to make, he was also deep into discussion with people who wanted to thank “Jimmy Fallon” for his comments about healthcare on his late night talk show. Kimmel did make the most of the start to his break, thanking John McCain for being a hero once again after announcing he couldn’t support the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill.

Kimmel’s latest comments on healthcare from Monday night followed a debate with those two co-sponsors on CNN, but don’t think that made the host second guess any discussion when taping his show earlier in the evening. He continued to pile on and hammer home his stance on the GOP’s possibly doomed bill and also fired a few salvos back at Fox News in response to the headlines that seemed to follow him over the weekend.

As he puts it, the conspiracy and propaganda outlets got hold of a story that said Chuck Schumer was feeding Kimmel information about the healthcare bill. The folks on the weekend edition of Fox And Friends were quick to hop on this, wondering if Kimmel was going to have any supporters of the bill on his show since he was allegedly only giving the opposition position on the air.

This isn’t true and it forces Kimmel to point out that several organizations fact checked his comments and agreed with his position, in between a little bit of sarcasm. The accusations also led to a the host once again reminding critics about his son, jokingly saying he had to come clean and chose to have a son with a heart defect solely for the opportunity to sink Trumpcare.

While it doesn’t have the claws and teeth gnawing furiously like they were on last week’s shows, Kimmel hasn’t wavered from his position and he’s not afraid to take on his opponents when he’s not making jokes about himself.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)