George Clooney Uses His Kids To Sneak Matt Damon Onto ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ And Keep The Feud Alive

Matt Damon has been a frequent guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the past few weeks. Not only did he bust into the host’s interview with Chris Hemsworth and his Thor: Ragnarok cast mates, he also joined Kimmel to make their feud part of Jon Stewart’s Night Of Too Many Stars benefit by auctioning off a very awkward dinner together. Now, Kimmel has returned from Brooklyn and Damon is back for his third appearance this month, making for some creative promotion for Suburbicon without actually having him around for an interview.

George Clooney appeared on Tuesday’s show for that very reason, chiding Kimmel for throwing off his last appearance alongside Hugh Laurie by appearing naked during a sketch and then bringing out Damon as his “manny.” Baby talk is heavy during the chat, with Clooney talking a bit about changing diapers and the horrors of solid foods, but there’s also a bit about his recent tequila sale that brought in $1 billion.

But the Damon appearance and the abuse he takes in Suburbicon might be the highlight here, even if it is funny to know that Kimmel managed to shake both Clooney and Laurie by going commando under his medical gown. It’s simple and makes that sketch a lot funnier in retrospect.