Jimmy Kimmel Isn’t Done With Halloween Just Yet, Unleashing More Priceless Reactions To His 2016 Prank

It would seem that razor blades and poison are not the top menace for children on Halloween. That title belongs to Jimmy Kimmel instead, right there next to the parents who follow his every command from that cozy national broadcast studio. This year’s Halloween prank featured enough entries to warrant a fine part two video, full of enough funny reactions to actually rival the first in quality.

This time around we have kids who attempt to calm down their siblings, only to find out they’ve been struck by candy thieves too. We have kids who are quick to throw whatever they can get their hands on once they hear the news. And then there are the kids who are too nice to complain and throw a fit at their parents or the camera, the kind of kids that will likely end up killing the neighborhood cats. Watch them!

I like the last kid who not only tries to slam the pet fence/cage with no effect and then decides the time has come for him to hit the road. He just takes off out the door and down the street, most likely starting a life of wandering from town to town and helping random strangers with their problems. Just don’t make him angry in the process or else he will rip his pants, turn green, and likely call his mother to come pick him up.

Then again, all of these could be fake and the internet could be a sad place to spend your time. It’s really a fifty/fifty shot, so why not believe that it’s all real. Drink your Instant Smile and shut up.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)