Jimmy Kimmel Meets The Man Who Spent $100,000 On A Harambe Cheeto And Does What Some Wish They Could Do

With the legacy of Harambe still fresh for many people, it’s really no shock that someone purchased the Cheeto shaped like Harambe for nearly $100,000 earlier in the week. Many were hinting that Martin Shkreli struck again and purchased the snack.

For Jimmy Kimmel, the purchase provided an opportunity for a short segment that saw the host apparently tracking down the man who bought the Harambe Cheeto. It seems very real at first and definitely something that Kimmel would do, but it takes a funny turn rather quickly. Not only does Kimmel slug the guy who “purchased” the Harambe Cheeto, but he also eats it before leaving the office.

It’s the dream of pretty much everybody that read the story earlier in the week and if it isn’t, they should be thinking about it now. If you paid $100,000 for a Cheeto shaped like anything, the public should be able to obtain your personal details and hunt you like The Running Man. They should dig up Richard Dawson and clone him just to bring the showcase full circle. It would be worth the money at least, a lot more than a Cheeto.

All that said, if someone wants to buy my Toasted Cheez-It that looks like it has the face of Don Most from Happy Days, I’m accepting offers.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)