Watch Jimmy Kimmel Convince People An iPhone 5S Is The New iPhone

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You’d be forgiven for mistaking the iPhone 5S and Apple’s newly announced iPhone SE. There’s almost no difference between the two aside from a few modest upgrades. But, once again, Jimmy Kimmel shows us there’s nothing people won’t be willing to say to a camera to look cool.

While it’s always funny to laugh at the pompous, Kimmel’s kind of loaded the deck here because even if he really did present people with two different phones, you’d never be able to tell the difference looking at them. Don’t believe us? Here’s the iPhone 5S vs. the iPhone SE side-by-side. Unless you’re familiar with Apple’s marketing materials, we’ll bet you won’t be able to decide which is which:

iphone vs iphone


There’s a reason. The only fundamental difference between the two is that the iPhone SE is faster, due to having an iPhone 6S’s processor crammed inside of it, and has a better camera. Unless you unlocked them and had the same version of iOS running the same app installed on each, you likely would only notice the difference in performance in subtle ways. The iPhone SE may not even feature 3D Touch, something Apple glaringly omitted from yesterday’s announcement.

The guts are definitely an upgrade, although whether that upgrade is worth ditching your 5S is a question only those using it can answer. That said, there is a bright side here. At least you won’t have to buy a new case!

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