Jimmy Kimmel And James Corden Get Brutally Honest While Dining On Some Disgusting Food

Jimmy Kimmel dropped by The Late Late Show ahead of his Emmys hosting gig this Sunday, but he might wish he rejected the offer after this segment. Kimmel and James Corden play one of the most disgusting games you’ll find in late night, while also being really funny in the process. Kimmel is too good at eating disgusting food and still allowing himself to get a joke in.

The kicker here is that each host asks each other very honest questions, with the disgusting food being their way out of actually answering. These range from Corden asking Kimmel what his least favorite late night host is, Corden getting hit with a question about his true feelings on “Carpool Karaoke” with Britney Spears and a little bit of prying about Kimmel’s salary. The Spears question and Kimmel asking Corden to name two of the cameramen in the studio are probably the real highlights on the question end, but it’s the food that really stands out.

Kimmel downs bull penises, beef curd, ghost pepper hot sauce, and a 1000-year-old egg, all before tentatively hosting the Emmys. There’s also a fish smoothie haunting the table that Corden has the pleasure of drinking and promptly vomiting up into a nearby bucket.

They should do this kind of game more often, but do it with politicians. It would certainly spice up any tame Donald Trump interview and create a whole new set of conspiracies about Hillary Clinton.

(Via The Late Late Show)