Jimmy Kimmel Will Serve As Kelly Ripa’s First ‘Live’ Guest Host After Strahan Leaves

Following the surprise news that Live with Kelly and Michael co-host Michael Strahan would be leaving the show for Good Morning America, gossip columns had plenty to work with when Kelly Ripa decided not to show up to work. The internet got mad at Strahan on Ripa’s behalf while rumors of just how hurt the latter felt swirled into a fever pitch. And when the two appeared together on camera last Friday, Ripa used the opportunity to rip Strahan a new one with several not-so-subtle jabs. Now that that bridge has all but burned to the ground, who will fill in for Strahan once he leaves mid-May?

He won’t be a permanent replacement, of course, but late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel will pull double duty for ABC on Monday, May 16. According to Deadline, Kimmel — who films Jimmy Kimmel Live on the West Coast, will be in New York City for the annual Upfront presentation at Lincoln Center. Every year, the major networks gather together to entertain station executives and potential media buyers during Upfront Week — previewing upcoming content in the hopes of garnering more broadcast, syndication and advertising revenue. Kimmel often helps with ABC’s Upfront every year, so what harm would a few additional hours of work be?

Hopefully Ripa doesn’t become too attached to her new guest host, however, because Kimmel will eventually have to return to Los Angeles for Jimmy Kimmel Live. At least there’s Lewis Black.

(Via Deadline)