Jimmy Kimmel Tricked People Into Admitting Where They Were When Kanye And Kim Had Their Baby

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06.05.13 16 Comments

Last we checked in, Jimmy Kimmel’s team of tricksters and pranksters with outdoor microphones were asking kids on the streets what they thought of dong-shaped buildings in China. Today they’re back with questions for random people about news that hasn’t happened yet, strong-arming them into becoming lying idiots about where they were when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had their baby (who hasn’t been born yet).

This go round the good times aren’t so much had at the responses of the clueless interviewees, but instead the ridiculously posed follow up questions that they played along with. For instance, “What do you think about the fact that she gave birth to the baby in a bathtub full of Cristal?” and naming the baby “Kimye Klondike Kardashian.”

I have a feeling the old ladies at the end know how to party.

Totally legit question I would have answered seriously: “What do you think of that fact that Khloe bit off the umbilical cord?”

Answer: Classic Khloe

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