Things Get Uncomfortable When People Reveal The Biggest Lies They’ve Ever Told Their Mothers

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so if you haven’t found the right gift yet, it may be time to hit the mall. Or, if you’re like the poor suckers, you could give her the gift of honesty. Jimmy Kimmel has found the key to viral success with his man on the street interviews, and this one people admitting the biggest lies they’ve ever told to their mothers is a great addition to the formula on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Because nothing says “I love you and thank you for bringing me into this world” quite like embarrassment on a national scale.

With lies ranging from drug use to punching a kid in school, this shows that there is no lie too small to make people squirm with embarrassment. What may have been a fun story to tell at parties becomes the source of ultimate cringe under the watchful eye of Mom. I think every mother in this survey deserves a cleaned house, a morning to sleep in, and a bouquet of roses after the stress of raising these punks. Still, that little boy who secretly kept his dad’s wedding ring hidden under his pillow until plied with ice cream might be onto something. Hold out for a waffle cone next time, kid.

(via Jimmy Kimmel Live!)