Matt Damon Faces Down Jimmy Kimmel On ‘Maury’ In The Latest Chapter Of Their Long-Running Feud

The latest entry in the feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel adds a little paternity trouble to the mix and plops down two special guests right in the middle of it. Not only do we get Martin Short playing everybody’s favorite daytime paternity king Maury Povich, but we also get a surprise appearance by Tracy Morgan in classic fashion.

It might be promotion for Damon’s Great Wall, but it’s better than some silly interview. It might be a little too soon given Damon just stopped by last week after the Super Bowl, but the payoff here is much funnier. We find out that Kimmel and Damon aren’t the fathers, but it’s Tracy Morgan who is the true culprit behind the pregnancy. In fact, he’s pregnant himself with Maury’s baby by the end of the sketch.

It’s just one big pregnancy bash and we get a hint that Damon’s feud with Kimmel might be the result of a little romantic tension between the two. They even get caught holding hands. If they end up turning this feud into one big love fest in the coming years, it’ll be bigger than After M*A*S*H and Wings combined in terms of spin-offs. That’s huge if you didn’t realize it from the Wings reference.

And in the end, Tracy Morgan is the one who puts Kimmel deep down in the hole. Not bad.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)