‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Asks Kids, ‘What’s The Best Country In The World?’

It was once standard procedure to ingrain kids with the idea that America is the best country in the world, but it seems like kids these days are a little fuzzy on what country is in the first place. In the latest attempt to make people look as dumb as possible, Jimmy Kimmel Live sent a crew to the streets and asked children, “What’s the best country in the world?” Somewhere, Donald Trump is weeping into his baseball cap and urging his supporters to make their kids more like this girl.

Kids being kids, the answers essentially boiled down to poodles, koala bears, ice skating, and fun beaches being the cornerstone of any great country, while bad haircuts and having to do homework are the machinations of only the most sinister. If only this adorable world could be the real one. The true hero of the piece is the tiny princess in a crown who declares that Japan is the best because of their very beautiful palace with a king and a queen that she completely makes up. Sure, she owns up to her creative perception of how the world works, but she sticks to her guns nonetheless. How very American.